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With so many Mobile phone websites on the internet today, how do you know when you are getting a good deal ? Chocolate phones has been set up to find you the cheapest chocolate phone possible without having to look at 100's of other websites.

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Chocolate Phones
has access to the best internet deals and can provide you the cheapest chocolate phones available, so you can be sure you are getting the best deals.

What is a chocolate phone ? A chocolate phone is a model of phone, which is made by the phone manufacturer LG (phillips) and comes in various colours including pink, brown, red lilac and with the most popular model being the traditional black version. Most people choose to purchase a mobile phone with a credit card, due to the added insurance they offer. Due to the current credit crisis, people with bad credit are finding it harder to find a credit card deal if they have bad credit. Bad history credit cards or poor history credit cards provide an option for those who are unfortunate to have bad credit, and releases an option to purchase a mobile phone with a credit card, even with a bad credit history or scoring.

Chocolate Phones are technically known as a LG K800 mobile phone, but most people do refer to them as chocolate phones.

Chocolate phones are great for when you go clubbing as they have an excellent digital camera built into them. When you go on holiday, especially clubbing holidays, you can be sure that you will capture some great shots.

What are the features on a chocolate phone ? Some of the best features of the LG K800 chocolate phone are a colour screen, polyphonic ring tones, picture messaging and it is also a dual camera phone which enables you to use it as both a still camera and a video camera.



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